[left-breynd]  adjective

being more adept at 

analytical thinking,

logic, calculation,

planning, details,

skills or thought

processes associated 

with the left brain

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Tara Bloom


Left-Brained Marketing helps small businesses and professional service providers plan marketing activities, set-up marketing systems, generate and convert leads, and manage customer relationships. We'll help you create a plan that aligns activities to your goals and give you the tools to track success. 

In short, we help you plan, organize, manage, measure, and be smart about marketing so you can get and keep more clients, make more money, and have more time.

LEarn to create systematic marketing success





Marketing Planning

lead generation

& Conversion

retention & referral

You have a vision.

We have a plan to get you there.

Angela Kienholz

Departing Decisions

Left-Brained Marketing helped me find the best tools to manage my contacts  and customer relationships. They were really able to see the big-picture planning needs of my business, while making sure that the smallest details weren't missed.

Mel analyzed several years of data from our program and presented a report and summary that left me almost speechless with its impressive detail. I never could have gotten so deep into the numbers on my own. Mel’s data was so helpful to me in making future decisions about my marketing.