Left-Brained Marketing engagements are unique - just like each of the businesses we serve. We'll customize our efforts based on your identified needs and goals, drawing on left-brained systems and best practices specific to your business. We will help you get the results you want with less work - and less guesswork. 

customer retention + Referral       

Once you have done the hard work to get a new client, you need to maximize the value of your relationship with that customer. We will help you implement systematic programs to support your clients over the entire customer lifecycle. Together we will review your customer base and assess your current practices. Then we will create tailored programs to ensure customer satisfaction, increase retention and renewal, encourage referrals, and improve length of stay and per-customer sales.

process Audit + Documentation

We will guide you through a review of your sales and marketing processes, identify areas for improvement, and refine and document your best practices. We will help you to create forms, checklists, and documentation which become the basis of your Marketing and Sales Operations Guide. This helps you avoid reinventing the wheel, streamlines your own work, provides your expectations and guidance to staff, and ensures your plans are executed.  

marketing planning + Goal Alignment

Successful marketing starts with a plan that is aligned to goals. We believe in S.M.A.R.T.E.R. goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound, Evaluated, Reevaluated), and this is where your planning process starts. From the launch of a new initiative to the annual plan for your organization, we will review your audiences, mediums, and resources and work with you to define the tactics, activities, timelines, owners, budgets, and expected outcomes that become your marketing action plan. 

lead generation + conversion

A consistent flow of qualified leads is key to growing your business – and the best way to ensure this is to follow a systematic process. First, we’ll assess your lead generation tactics and current sales cycle, and identify your best lead sources. From there, we will help define new best practices and implement and automate systems for generating, qualifying, and converting those leads into new customers. You will learn how to segment, score, nurture, prioritize, and ultimately streamline your lead management.

MArketing Project Management

We can help you implement the best tool for your needs, so you feel confident that your projects and deliverables are on track. Easily stay on top of schedules and resources without wasting time searching for information or constant follow-up. For bigger projects, or mission-critical launches, we can provide hands-on marketing project management including developing project plans, schedules, resource allocation and vendor management.

analysis + reporting

KPIs, CPL, Conversion Rate, ROI, Close Rate, LTV, MQL – we will demystify the numbers (and the acronyms) and help you focus on the key metrics that matter to your business. We can help you implement the right tools for tracking, measuring, and reporting, so you always know how your sales and marketing initiatives are performing. We can also provide hands-on review, analysis, and recommendations related to your historical marketing and sales data.

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